- 20% discount on all products display on Ancient Egypt Mall. 

- Dropshippers are free to charge the price they wish for our products

- Dropshippers can use our product images, description on their websites or on any thrid party website they use to sell their products.

- All products are shipped within 1 business day  from our wharehouses in Egypt with an expected delivery time of 5-7 working days.

- Once the dropshipper collects the payment from the client, An email notification is sent to our support Department support@ancientegyptmall.com with the product number, name and all the client information along with a paypal confirmation of the amount transferred to our account  to be able to process the order.

- We provide country based shipping prices which varies due to the client location. A complete detailed pricing sheet will be sent to the dropshipper to be able to calculate the client shipping costs.

- Ancient Egypt Mall will take care of the product delivery and exchange if requested. All refunds are carried out by the dropshipper, Ancient Egypt Mall will only refund the product discounted price not including any shipping costs upon dropshipper confirmation of refund transaction.



- Min order: 50 pieces for all product except jewelry 10 pieces.

- Shipping: calculated based on the shipment weight.

- Price:  prices are quoted according to quantity requested so please Contact Us